Some background about the vultures. We all met at Mansfield State College, now Mansfield University, and at one time or another during the mid-70s pledged Delta Zeta sorority, one of four sororities active on campus at that time. Although I can’t speak for the group, I know I chose that sorority because the young women already affiliated with the sisterhood were impressive: smart, funny, attractive, down-to-earth.  Everything I wanted to be.

The friendships kindled during the Mansfield/DZ years have been strong and everlasting, which is why we celebrate these cultural gatherings and reunions and hope that our day trips and outings inspire other women our age to reconnect with old or distant friends and make time for—–something. Doesn’t have to be a museum exhibit. Start with a phone call or e-mail and set a date for coffee or lunch.

As the scribe in charge of the vultures, you should  know that in addition to my family and friends, books are steady companions, and this spring my local librarian asked me to blog about my reading habit. Here’s the link:


I’m not a literary critic, but I do love to have a bit of book chat after any satisfying–or nonsatisfying–read.  Each post also features examples of how some books leave their imprint on you as a person—ideas change, goals form, behavior and thoughts shift, that sort of thing.  So don’t skip over “The Push From the Book,”  a personal postscript for each entry.