‘Tis the Season to be Shoppy

by lindamiller251

bethlehem 005

We weren’t exactly the Magi–although we like to believe we’re wise and at least one of us drove from the east–but the Vultures traveled to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (aka the Christmas City) on Saturday to adore the sidewalks and stores all dressed up for the holiday season. Main Street, the heart of historic Bethlehem–was deserted in those minutes before shops opened their doors, but Christmas carols floated through the bone-chilling air to offer some feeling of warmth and promise for a cheery day ahead.  While the locals were still finishing their mid-morning coffee, we arrived early to get first crack at the Moravian Bookstore, a sprawling gift/book/Christmas store  on South Main that was dripping with its trademark Moravian stars and Christmas finery. Not until I returned home to research the store did I discover that it’s the oldest bookstore in the world(http://shop.moravianbookshop.com/page.htm?pg=ABOUT). We had no idea we were setting foot inside such a historical site! And now that I’m aware of this juicy fact, I’m congratulating ourselves for starting there. Once inside, we needed to give ourselves a pinch. Room after room of unique and beautiful ornaments, gifts and decorations tempted us. It was Christmas in overdrive. And with apologies to Dr. Suess, the store looked like a Who-ville living room:

“The presents! The ribbons! The wrappings!

The tags! And the tinsel! The trimmings! The trappings!”   No Grinches in sight by the way.

We walked out with candy canes, holiday aprons, ornaments and a big bag with two Moravian stars. It was serious shopping. Which meant it was now time to goof off and get silly at a consignment store up the street.  We can focus on serious pursuits for only so long. Which meant it was time to try on fur coats.

Pat “Natasha” B. loved this $800 fur, which regrettably was out of her price range.

bethlehem 015

     Luckily her beer budget (and ours) was put to good use at our lunch spot, the Bethlehem Brewworks, after the fashion show. Just as we were getting nestled into our seats across from the tall stainless vats–and a stunning Christmas tree-we got a huge surprise! Our AWOL vulture Wendy made the trip  from Scranton to join the crowd, and we were such a merry party–as Jane Austen would probably say.

   Wendy’s pop-in visit heightened our already sky-high spirits, and she offered us, although we didn’t know it at the time, a vulture classic adventure after lunch. See the next post for exclusive, action photos.