Two More States

by lindamiller251

We continue our very serious quest to kayak in each of the 50 states. With this trip to Lake Powell we actually snagged two–Utah AND Arizona–in a single paddling trip.  Don’t you love when that happens?

The guides at Hidden Canyon Kayak met us at Stateline Launch in Wahweap Marina last Saturday morning and provided a memorable tour through Labyrinth Canyon off Padre Bay. The green-blue waters were calm; the kayaking was relaxing, and the scenery breathtaking.  We glided by smooth Navajo sandstone that had an other-worldly feel. Instead of reaching these slot canyons by catamaran, it felt as if a space ship carried us there. Was this Mars or Arizona?

Wendy and I now have eight states notched in our kayaking “belts,” but this ranks as  my personal favorite. Glassy water lapped against slot canyon walls. A gentle Indian summer sun warmed our backs. The sky overhead couldn’t have been bluer.

The butte in the background? That’s Boundary Butte, which marks the exact place where Utah and Arizona meet.  We sailed right by it, moving effortlessly from one state to the next.  Lake Powell is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a spot I had never heard of before planning the trip. My expectations were vague and low, I suppose, because I knew so very little about this part of the world. We went to Lake Powell to scratch a state off our list, but we got so much more in the bargain. I had a day on the water I’ll never forget. This was picture postcard beautiful. Unusual and foreign and so unlike our East Coast kayak outings.

This 50-state project is no longer something I tell folks about with a wink and a smile. Sure it sounds good, but are we too old to see it through? Will our knees and backs hold up?  It just doesn’t matter because the journey, the effort, is the destination. Every state brings with it a new achievement, a new memory, a new glimpse of this grand country.  And every moment on the water brings  peace and beauty to our souls and time with treasured friends. It doesn’t get much better than that.