Sedona Trivia

by lindamiller251

According to our Enchantment Ranch red rocks hike leader, two objects from this photo have a strong Walt Disney connection. Can you find them?

Kim, our Sedona trailblazer, claimed that the prickly pear cactus in the foreground inspired Walt’s iconic Mickey Mouse cartoon character. I can certainly see the resemblance but have been unable to verify it with online fact-checking. So I’m not sure about that one even though it’s tempting to believe that something so sharp and potentially menacing could have ignited Disney to create one of the sweetest images of American childhood.

The other Disney connection I have found to be true. If you’ve ever ridden on Thunder Mountain Railroad while visiting a Disney park,  Sedona’s own Thunder Mountain must have planted the seed in Walt’s mind for that popular coaster ride.  The two are strikingly similiar.