We Are, Vul-chures or Ode to Amy O

by lindamiller251

The Vultures were on campus at Penn State University on Saturday to cheer on the super-spiking women’s volleyball team and one particular member of the clarinet section in the PSU pep band.  The team from Iowa got shellacked with powerful serves, formidable blocks and digs, and kills too potent and precise to be repelled. Thing is though, our dear musician Matt Block got it even worse.

Matt, son of vulture Pat Block, got a big dose of vulture love on Saturday—which may be more affection than any college senior needs or wants from  a group of rowdy women calling your name or holding hand-made signs.

Head cheerleader was our Colorado vulture Amy O, computer company manager/real estate mogul who’s always up for daring outdoor adventure and fun times with family and friends. She is our highest flying vulture when it comes to seizing the day. She dives, hikes, paddles, climbs, bikes and wears leopard print pants. She is the guru of gusto, and was the mastermind of the Block Rocks!!! sign. Who else, we all agreed, would have done this but Amy O?

Amy O and our queen bee vulture Joan (Amy K’s mother) are the two most artistically-gifted women in the group. They made a fast getaway to Michael’s for the essentials: dazzling silver posterboard,  adhesive black letters and then finally, a picture of Matt that we sent from his mother’s smart phone to the Kelchner printer. Amy O pieced it all together with her signature style, and the Rec Hall stands had a bit more pop than usual. She even walked down to the floor to invite the camera crew to broadcast the image onto the big screen but, alas, she was refused. How often in life, we wondered, does that happen to our Amy O?

  The gang had double the fun on Saturday.  We got to lovingly harass our friend’s son–who took it with good humor and grace by the way–while also watching a magnificent display of athleticism and skill. The PSU women, who upset #3 Nebraska earlier that week, were favorites to defeat Iowa.  Although they started slowly,  Penn State’s women were bigger, stronger and more talented. They leaped higher, “killed” more frequently and with more authority, and sprawled and rolled over the hardwood digging out their opponents’ spikes and returns on nearly every point. Surely they must be considered among the nation’s best players. They also wore fab hair accessories. We especially loved Megan Courtney’s pink ponytail ribbon!!!

The team, national champions in 2010 and 2011, is now 12-1 and will continue playing throughout the fall. The NCAA championships are in mid-December and we’ve got a hunch they’ll be in the thick of it, attacking, attacking, attacking. And Matt, he’ll be safe from any more vulture ambushes. He can play his clarinet in peace. Our work here is done.