Labor Day = Pierogies

by lindamiller251

Two vultures flew north to a Scranton suburb Sunday to crash a family picnic/birthday party featuring lots of delicious food, but we’re still talking about the homemade pierogies. Mrs. T. should put a paper bag over her head in shame when you compare the two products. See the suburban Scranton version below and then just envision the frozen six pack buried someplace in the back of your freezer:

Notice how the pierogies bathe in a shallow pond of butter.  And how ’bout those translucent bits of onion sprinkled over top? These pierogies were huge, stuffed with velvety smooth mashed potatoes, and shamefully addicting. The two that I ate for lunch were big enough to fill nearly half of my plate. Fellow vulture Pat and I were gobsmacked and did not fight the invitation to take some home.

After the buffet (oh yes, there were other attractions: meatballs, braciole, pasta, pulled pork) there was cake. Two kinds–Delta Zeta cherry nut and marble with chocolate mousse filling. Oh yea.

And then we had our insulin.