Smile, You’re on Auction Cam

by lindamiller251

For the second year in a row the vultures have done double duty at the annual cabin-palooza. Not only do we stage  a first-rate woodlands retreat, but the vultures pull off a wildly entertaining Chinese auction to benefit the Mansfield University Karen Starner Jacobson Scholarship fund. Jacobson served as sorority advisor to the Iota Theta chapter at Mansfield for nearly 40 years and passed away January 1, 2011.  Last year’s auction netted $500. This year we hit $900. We like to think Mrs. J would be proud.

But no wonder. The contributions were thoughtful, tasteful and so generously created. And they were beautifully displayed by head stylist Kimmie S. She was a blur of merchandising flair Saturday morning, arranging everything from Coach bags and wallets to artwork, food bags and baskets, gift cards, scarves, coats, MU mugs and jewelry. She brought tables, pink tablecloths and boxes to transform an already light, airy porch into a boutique-quality showroom.  That’s NY state’s resident vulture Jan F. in the background. We loved seeing Jan  return to the fold and hope she’ll be back for many more gatherings. Jan, by the way, won the coveted pink and green jacket from the Super Girl collection contributed by SG fashionista Amy O.

And then there was finance minister Sharon K, who handled ticket sales and receipts. Sharon, who in the next two years will be appointed grand high exulted mystic ruler of the MU Alumni Board, is obviously a woman of many talents, and the money left that Sunday in her capable hands. Thanks to Sharon for being our Brinks truck.

The grand total was impressive but so was the luck of the draw. The vultures who went home last year without a prize made a haul this year!!! Bravo Wendy, Pat and Donna. Special kudos to Pat  whose luck surpassed us all. She won the painting by senior guest vulture Joan K.  that captures the spirit of the weekend–a green leafy haven for friends to sit back, relax and talk eye-to-eye with women who knew you then, know you now and know what you still can be. Display it proudly.